Simcity 5 Review

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For those of you that aren’t familiar with any Simcity game, it is a city building and managing game. The player lays out areas for houses, and factories to build; but the player can also build individual buildings, like police stations, and schools. Every action the player takes has an effect in the city, there are no objectives in the game, but most players have as an objective to build a metropolis, with happy people.

To understand the game, we must first understand that although Maxis doesn’t say it, the game appears to be in Beta, as updates are released continuously; and many players comment that the game seems to lack many essential features that were available in earlier games.

Changes with previous games:

One of the most important changes is the amount of space available to build your city. The space is much smaller than previous games, this is due to the amount of GPU needed to process the various new features Maxis implemented in the game. The most important factor is that each person has a “story” behind them, this means you can click on any random sim or car, and it will tell you about that sims life, their job, their home, where they are heading, their thoughts on how the city is, etc.

Another important change is the availability of online gaming. Players join in to develop a region together, each player can take over a city, or one player can take over multiple cities. If you wish to play single player and take over the region by yourself, that is possible. However, as the game has to run on a EA server, you must be connected to the internet to play, something which the gaming community has largely criticized as some players want to play single player.

The game now bases itself on cities specializing on something. Cities aren’t just industrial, commercial, and residential buildings; now you can specialize a city in a different area. You have several options, you can build a city with a university, which teaches the youth of all the region; or you can build a gambling city, with giant casinos. You can also drill for oil, or coal; your cities has to have these in order to drill them. Another option is to be a city that manufactures computers, or TV’s. Note that every speciality has its cons and pros. Universities bring a lot of traffic, but can help you research for many important buildings. A gambling city brings tourists and profit, but also crime. Also, to make a profit it is beneficial to have a market center, so you can sell your products to the world, the price depends on the demand and supply of other players, just like the real world.

Now commercial and industrial buildings are more logical. For the commercial zones to work, you need industrial zones to provide the merchandise, and buyers with money, which they earn buy working in the commercial and industrial buildings. Like the real world production cycles.


  • The game gives players the ability to make their creativity flourish. No grids make it easier to make the city of your dreams.
  • Much more detail gives you a feeling of knowing each and every sim in your city.
  • Buy it on Windows, get it on MAC (digital copy).


The areas that the game allows the player to build in are very small, especially compared to previous games. The game seems to be in Beta. With constant updates, the game seems to be still in the works with many functionality missing. The last major update to the game is update 7, it introduced tools to raise, and lower roads. to many players, this seemed as a functionality which should have been in the game on release.

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Traffic in the game is a big problem, sometimes it seems there are more cars than sims on the road, and roads can become congested pretty quickly in the game. Also, the game gives the player few ways to handle it, the game lacks essential transportation methods, like subways, and monorails. Required connection to the internet at ALL TIMES.


Simcity seems like a game with a lot of potential, but EA seems to want to rake in the profits before making a decent game. I was a previous Simcity fan, I loved Simcity 4, but this game doesn’t attract me to play it as much, this may happen to other players too.